One of our clients ships many packages per day via UPS and asked us to help integrate their Vtiger with UPS.  Here’s what we built for them:
  • Connected their Vtiger to their UPS account via the UPS APIs
  • Added a “Create Shipping Label” button to the transaction list view (Opportunities in this case but could be done for Sales Orders and Invoices too).
    • This function connects to UPS and creates a shipping label under your UPS account for that address.
  • Added a “Print Shipping Label” button to the transaction list view that allows the user to print them and affix to the packages.
    • Note: this can be delivery or pickup labels
  • Once the package is shipped, vtiger checks UPS every hour for status updates on all shipments and updates the shipping status in vtiger.
  • Workflows do automated communication to the client regarding their shipment
  • Workflows and/or filters are used to identify packages that are stalled out and need followup