Vtiger Training

Vtiger Training

Boru trainers are English speaking professionals who are experts in Vtiger.  They are top-notch communicators who are passionate about Vtiger and helping other people use it successfully.

Boru typically conducts live training via web conference, but can also do in-person, classroom training.  Upon request, we can provide a recorded copy of your training sessions for later reference or to train new staff.

Boru Vtiger Training is tailored to your needs and experience level. A Vtiger project manager will work with you to customize a training agenda that is right for your team/company.  Some specialized sessions we conduct are:

  • Vtiger Training for sys admins
  • Vtiger Training for support teams
  • Vtiger Training for sales teams
  • Vtiger Training for support managers
  • Vtiger Training for sales managers
  • Vtiger Training for developers

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.