Operate in Vtiger Offline – Part 2

Part 2 of the Vtiger offline order entry app. If you haven’t already, Click here to read part 1. One of the requirements for the offline order entry app was an appointment list. As you may recall, the tricky part of this app is that it has to work both online and without a network connection. […]


Vtiger Setup for Franchisees

Worked with a company to set up vtiger for a company that uses a franchise ownership setup. Here is what we did to help them user vtiger to support their operations: set up permissions in Vtiger so the franchisees could not see each other’s data we helped them with Vtiger reporting and Vtiger dashboards so corporate can have a global view and […]


Boru Reminder Module

The Boru Reminder Module allows you to set reminders to any events that are in your Vtiger Calendar. The way this works is that once the module is installed, any created event will be sync into the module. Once you access the module, you will be able to see your events. There it will let […]


Operate in Vtiger Offline

One of our clients asked us for an offline way to interact with Vtiger on mobile devices. Their sales reps go into the field and take orders from clients using tablets. Once the order is entered, it has to get sent back up to the server. Therein lies the rub; network service is not always […]

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