Vtiger Upgrades

Vtiger migrations and upgrades can be a harrowing process. In our experience, the included migration scripts are always a little bit buggy, and more often than not, the process winds up breaking existing functions. In addition, migrations and upgrades can be further complicated by the presence of custom code or add-on modules. When your company’s sensitive data and productivity is on the line, you can’t afford to take chances.

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Fortunately, Boru has years of experience performing Vtiger upgrades and migrations. We’ve seen nearly every issue that can occur, and know what steps to take to prevent data loss and broken functions. Our developers are familiar with almost every type of hosting environment, and know how to overcome most common obstacles and bugs in the process. We can even (in most cases) preserve customizations that were done in the older system. We’ll work on your schedule to minimize system downtime, and followup with training sessions to make sure your users hit the ground running.

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