Vtiger Tips and Tricks – Data Corrections

Logging data in Vtiger is a complex process. Many forms need to be filled out and dozens of records need to be searched through. Along the way, errors can occur. But with Boru’s help, we can always correct your Vtiger data at any time. We recently had a client who created contacts and later realized those […]

Vtiger Tip – New Vtiger-Vonage Integration

Here at Boru, we strive to keep our customers up to date with all aspects of Vtiger. Today, we came across a Vonage announcement of a new integration with Vtiger. The integration known as VonageConnect allows businesses to link Vonage with Vtiger. VonageConnect features include: log call data desktop call routing one click dialing automatic call logging desktop address book integration […]

Vtiger Historical Orders Widget

There are businesses that Boru works with that process a lot of orders (could be invoices or sales orders), and they need efficient ways to interact with those orders. We have created a vtiger summary view widget that displays orders that have already been completed, along with important information such as the order name, the […]

Activities History – Vtiger 6 customizaton

Suppose, just for a minute, that you were working on a deal in Vtiger. There’s plenty of things yet to be accomplished and plenty more which you’ve already completed. Wouldn’t it be great if those two were separated somehow? You know, so completed items aren’t crowding your to do list. We felt the same way. In […]

Vtiger Permissions – Sharing Rules for sales teams

Scenario: You’ve got two sales teams. Each sales team has a manager and several sales reps. What you want, dear reader, is for each sales rep to see only the record that they own or are assigned to (no more poaching leads from the newbie). You also want your sales manager to see all the […]

Searching and Linking Buyers to Sellers in Vtiger

Most of our Vtiger clients sell products/services to clients (buyers).  But we have some clients that act as brokers (match buyers and sellers).  Some examples are business brokers, machinery brokers, and real estate brokers. It’s actually pretty simple to set this up in Vtiger.  We add a type field to the opportunity record to indicate […]

Vtiger Integration with Slack Messaging App for Teams

Here is a description of our customization/integration of Vtiger with Slack messaging app for teams. When a new user is created in VTiger, the system automatically adds as a user in Slack. On any record in VT, you can click to add a new slack (topic) channel, add users (now or later), click save. A […]

Vtiger Setup for Franchisees

Worked with a company to set up vtiger for a company that uses a franchise ownership setup. Here is what we did to help them user vtiger to support their operations: set up permissions in Vtiger so the franchisees could not see each other’s data we helped them with Vtiger reporting and Vtiger dashboards so corporate can have a global view and […]

Operate in Vtiger Offline

One of our clients asked us for an offline way to interact with Vtiger on mobile devices. Their sales reps go into the field and take orders from clients using tablets. Once the order is entered, it has to get sent back up to the server. Therein lies the rub; network service is not always […]

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