CRM for Google Apps

With Boru’s CRM for Google Apps, you can fully integrate your VTiger into Google Apps and vice versa. This widespread integration is great because you will no longer have to transfer data back and forth between the two systems. You can now make any changes you need to do in the CRM from your Gmail, allowing you to conduct your business without having to worry about missing information. All data will sync seamlessly between PCs, smart phones, and tablets, allowing you to access your CRM no matter where you are. By incorporating Google Apps into your CRM, you will find that you can maximize the effectiveness of your vTiger and that staying organized has never been easier.


Google Calendar Sync

Seamlessly sync events between vTiger, Google, and your phone. When an event in vTiger is created or edited, it is immediately sent to your Google Calendar where it can sync with your mobile devices. In addition vTiger will periodically check Google for any events created or edited since the last sync.


Google Contact Sync

Sending a vTiger Contact to Google couldn’t be easier. When the Boru vTiger-Google Contact Sync is enabled, new contacts are added to your Google contact list as soon as you click ‘Save’ in vTiger. Any later edits to the vTiger contact are also synced to Google. To send contacts from Google to vTiger is just as simple, and any changes from your Google account will be mirrored in vTiger.


Google Sync Package

Google Sync Package bundles Google Contact Sync and Google Calendar Sync for a better deal. Seamlessly sync events and contacts between vTiger, Google, and your phone. When an event or contact in vTiger is created or edited, it is immediately sent to your Google calendar or contacts where it can sync with your mobile devices.


Google Maps Integration

The Boru VTiger Google Maps Integration allows you to start from a contact/account/lead page in VTiger and see what else in the database is nearby. It displays VTiger contacts/accounts/leads within a specified radius on a google map.


Boru Gmail Gadget

The Boru VT Integrator is a Gmail Contextual Gadget that can search your vtiger database for anything related to the sender. Then whatever it finds is conveniently displayed under the message. Contact info, Events, emails, trouble tickets, and more. The gadget works with any Vtiger installation, no matter where it’s hosted. Best of all it’s free.


Google Drive Integration

Our Google Drive Integrator syncs perfectly with your vTiger CRM. We made it easy for you to link clients and opportunities in vTiger with their related documents. All you have to do is select the documents you want associated with a particular contact, and the Integrator does the rest for you.


Google Address Link

This helpful widget helps to keep address fields updated. It installs in contacts, accounts, and quotes.
The widget uses the Google Maps app to find addresses matching those typed in by the user, showing the ajax/type ahead. Once the user chooses the address they were looking for, they can modify any of the fields using this great widget.