Some of you may log on to your vtiger home page and see only an advertisement (note: you can get rid of that).  There are a lot of helpful graphs you can add to your home page dashboard.  Just click the “Add Widget” button at the top right and choose what you want to display.  The widgets/graphs are easy to add, move around via drag and drop or remove if you like. One hidden gem is the “Key Metrics” widget.  It is simply a grid of the list view filters that you designate to appear on this dashboard tile — the widget shows a live count for each filter.  For example, if you want to see a count of leads, contacts and orgs that were added to Vtiger today, create those filters and check the “List in Metrics” box on the filter edit page.  Every time you go to your dashboard, you will see up to the second, live counts. You can do that for any filter you like. Let us know what homepage dashboard widgets you find helpful.