No matter where your leads are coming from, Leadscraper can pull them all into Vtiger by searching the text in emails. Leadscraper is an excellent tool for parsing and automatically importing leads such as

Use Leadscraper to parse any regular data, meaning any text that you receive in a predictable form. It can automate based on any number of form templates. This includes tasks beyond lead creation (i.e. data transfer to insurance quoting systems, data feeds from insurance carriers, etc). Leadscraper can even monitor equipment up time and send you an alert if it is down (The equipment must be capable of sending emails).

Consider a form on a website for customers to fill out support requests. Without Leadscraper, somebody has to check the email account for support requests, and when an email comes in they create a trouble ticket, associate it with the appropriate contact, and assign the trouble ticket to one of the support employees to resolve.

If you get more than a handful of support requests, that’s a lot of work.

The Leadscraper can automate this step for your support staff, because the process described above is exactly what the Leadscraper does.

Actually, it is just one example of what the Leadscraper does.

You might also have a form for quote requests. The Leadscraper would try to match the sender to your Vtiger database, and if it’s not there, it would automatically create a new contact using the form data, and assign the quote request to sales.

 Leadscraper is no longer available for sale. If there is any way Boru can help your business needs, please click the button below to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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