Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service

Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service

Don’t assume that hackers will overlook your business just because it’s small. Get the Vtiger security protection you need to fight off cyber attacks with the Boru Vtiger Security Assessment Service.

Vtiger Custom Screen Layout

Our Vtiger Custom Screen Layout extension allows the administrator to change the layout of screens based on logical conditions.  You can now add a rule to hide fields, make fields mandatory, and/or read only.

Org Summary Screen – Contacts Widget

Description Screenshots Requirements Description You will like the convenience of the Vtiger Contacts List Widget as you access your Vtiger Contacts linked to Organizations. On the Organization summary view screen, the Contacts List Widget shows you a “heads up” view of recent contacts linked to that organization. It saves you from having to page back […]

Vtiger Direct Migration

With Boru’s Vtiger Direct Migration, you can bypass the dreaded Vtiger migration scripts and migrate your vtiger direct (database to database) to the most current vtiger.  This method provides a big increase in stability and a big decrease in headaches.

Automated Backup

Automatic backups of your entire Vtiger build with a few simple clicks.

Vtiger Forced User Defaults

Boru’s “Vtiger Forced User Defaults” module allows system administrators to standardize preference settings for their VTiger users.