QuickBooks Online Sync

SKU: VTQBOL Description Screenshots Description ***Now available for Vtiger 7.X You use Vtiger for sales and you use Quickbooks Online for accounting, but you want them to work together to streamline your business process. You’ve come to the right place, because the Boru Vtiger Quickbooks Online integration is the only product on the market that does […]

Vtiger Custom Screen Layout

Our Vtiger Custom Screen Layout extension allows the administrator to change the layout of screens based on logical conditions.  You can now add a rule to hide fields, make fields mandatory, and/or read only.

Vtiger Slack Integration

Description Screenshots Requirements Description Slack is an extremely popular messaging app and it is free for the basic service.  Boru has integrated Vtiger and Slack so you can conveniently use slack from within vtiger.   Once the app is in place, it has some similarities to Chatter from sales force.com where users can have conversations […]

Update Product Pricing

Description Screenshots Video Requirements Description Boru’s Update Product Pricing by a Percentage Tool lets you increase or decrease the unit prices on multiple products in your Vtiger with just a couple clicks. Here is how it works: Select the items from your Product List that you would like to update prices on either by doing […]

Boru Vtiger Payments App

Description Screenshots Requirements Description ***Now available for Vtiger 7.X Our Vtiger Payment app, adds a new module in Vtiger that allows you to record payments linked with Vtiger invoices.  Because it is a Vtiger payment module, you get list view capabilities, reporting, workflows and a field manager.   In addition, our Vtiger Payment app includes […]

Boru Ticket Warnings

Description Screenshots Requirements Description In working with Tickets in Vtiger, you know that each ticket can go through several working stages before being closed. Several users can edit tickets and keep track of progress. It is easy for errors to prop up in such a scenario. In our screenshots, we demo a simple staged warning […]

Create Multiple Asset Worksheet

Description Screenshots Video Requirements Description Do you need to add many assets to Vtiger at the same time?  The Boru Vtiger Create Asset  Worksheet allows you to quickly and easily add up to 50 assets at once. Companies that find this helpful, typically receive shipments of numerous pieces of equipment at the same time.  Those […]

Vtiger Dropbox Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Dropbox to your Vtiger, and link your Dropbox documents to the Vtiger module of your choice.