Encryption App

Protect your sensitive Vtiger CRM data with our encryption application.

Edit All Filter And Duplicate

With this app from Boru, you can save time by cloning your Vtiger list view filters — this is especially helpful if you want to create a new filter that is similar to an existing one.  In addition, this app enables you to edit the default “All” list view for each module.  The “All” list view that is the list view for each module that shows for all users by default.  Here are a list of App’s features:- works with all modules (e.g. Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Oppty, custom modules, etc)

Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service

Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service

Don’t assume that hackers will overlook your business just because it’s small. Get the Vtiger security protection you need to fight off cyber attacks with the Boru Vtiger Security Assessment Service.

Vtiger Custom Screen Layout

Our Vtiger Custom Screen Layout extension allows the administrator to change the layout of screens based on logical conditions.  You can now add a rule to hide fields, make fields mandatory, and/or read only.

Vtiger Phone Call Dashboard Graph

Description Video Requirements Description Video Requirements Vtiger Version: 6.X PHP Version: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5  RELATED PRODUCTS Previous Next Contact us for a free demo

Advanced Email Signatures

Description Requirements Description Presently, the only way to add signatures to your Vtiger emails and email templates is by entering the information in the standard fields provided by Vtiger while editing a user profile. Your email signature is an important part of your company’s identity. If you wouldn’t scribble your details on a blank piece of […]

Elastic Search for Vtiger

Description Screenshots Requirements Description Elastic Search is a powerful, open-source API also deployed by many commonly used services, such as Netflix, Quora, and Github, that searches through all records and returns results to search terms in near real-time. Boru has now brought that same functionality to your Vtiger with this product offering: In Vtiger, you […]

Activity Timer

The Activity Timer app is great for logging time on trouble tickets and is a great replacement for timesheet activities.