Revolutionizing Retail Sales: The Custom Mobile App for Vtiger

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, having seamless technology that aligns with our sales processes is non-negotiable. As part of our continued efforts to innovate and drive efficiency, I’m excited to share the strides we’ve made with a mobile app for Vtiger designed to fully integrate with the CRM system, tailored for our sales agents on the ground.

Crafting the Web App Experience for iPad

Our journey began with developing a web application—not a native app from an app store, but a sophisticated web app accessible from any browser, tailored specifically for use on iPads by sales agents in retail outlets. This web app had to be agile, efficient, and, above all, reliable, ensuring that our agents could engage with customers without any hitches.

Addressing Performance Bottlenecks

Following its rollout, the web app was quickly adopted by our agents, becoming an essential tool during peak retail periods. However, amidst this busy landscape, we encountered a bottleneck. As agents utilized iPads to manage customer engagements and used the app’s rotation system to determine which salesperson attended to the incoming client, the heavy usage on the store’s WiFi started to take a toll. The web app began to experience occasional lock-ups that lasted several seconds—seconds that are precious in the retail domain.

Optimizing Network Efficiency

A robust analysis revealed that overall system slowness and network congestion were the culprits. When each sales agent concurrently accessed the app to log customer details and manage rotation duties, it strained the bandwidth, leading to throttling of the network connection. To confront this challenge head-on, we re-engineered the way the web app interacted with the Vtiger system and database.

Streamlining Data With WebSocket Technology

Our solution was a dedicated WebSocket server—a separate, streamlined process designed to manage all user updates and interactions with the rotation system, separate from the direct connection to the Vtiger system. By deploying this technology, we significantly reduced the load and congestion impacting the Vtiger system.

Reaping the Efficiency Benefits

The WebSocket server enabled efficient distribution of updates to users as the rotation schedule changed, sidestepping the previous bandwidth issues. Additionally, we optimized the architecture of the web app to enhance local network performance. Our aim was to minimize the resources required by the iPads so that the devices could operate with optimal responsiveness, free from slowdowns or resource constraints.

Innovation in retail is not only about having the right tools but about ensuring they work harmoniously within the ecosystem of technology that supports our sales infrastructure. Through this tactical improvement of our mobile app integration with Vtiger, we’ve guaranteed that our sales agents can focus on what they do best—selling—supported by a robust, efficient, and smooth-running web app.

Whether you’re on the sales floor eager to streamline customer engagements or a decision-maker looking to enhance your team’s capabilities, our mobile app for Vtiger offers the solution to keep your operations running as efficiently as possible. At Boru, we’re committed to evolving our offerings and ensuring our CRM solutions integrate flawlessly within your business processes. Our objective is always clear: to craft systems that bolster both efficiency and precision, and in doing so, we’re proud to say we did just that.

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