Vtiger Calendar Replacement


A feature-rich replacement for the Vtiger Calendar that retains the familiarity and ease of use of a Google Calendar.

Product Description

***Now available for Vtiger 7.X

The Vtiger Calendar Replacement lets you work in Vtiger using a calendar that is designed to offer the familiarity and usability of a Gmail Calendar, while offering additional benefits and features to meet your scheduling capabilities.

Some highlights and features that you will enjoy:

  • Click on the calendar area to create an appointment (just like Gmail)
  • Drag and drop appointments (just like Gmail)
  • Scheduler capabilities – Scheduler tab and Timeline tab
  • Display other vTiger users on your calendar with just a couple clicks (just like Gmail)
  • Invite your contacts to your meeting with an ical request (just like Gmail and Outlook)
  • Invite more vTiger users to your meeting using invites with just a couple clicks — much easier than vTiger
  • Add a contact or account to the appointment using type ahead. No slow pop window look ups to link a contact. Boru lets you do this with less clicks and is more intuitive.
  • Four additional visualizations: Year, Work-week, Scheduler, a columnated view of all team members’ schedules for a particular day; and Timeline, a quick concurrent glance of team members’ schedules for the entire week.
  • Color coded event tags to indicate the stage of completion of any logical condition
  • Customized information fields displayed in each event display
  • Link events to other modules from within the calendar. The Boru vTiger Calendar Replacement links to nine different modules including Contacts, while the vTiger Calendar only links to four.

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VTiger Version


PHP Version

5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5


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