Multiple Outgoing Email Server Add-on


Product Description

Open source vTiger’s email function is extremely limiting in the actions it allows users to make. It only allows for outgoing emails to be sent from a generic email address. Not only is this annoying, but it is also detrimental to your relations with clients, as all emails they will receive from your company will not be under the name of the individual they are working with.

To remedy this, we have developed the Multiple Outgoing Email Server Add-on! This feature allows all the vTiger users to configure their own outgoing email server. It operates in the following ways:

  • Each user can have a unique FROM address
  • Each user can have their own SMTP server, which helps to take off a load from the admin SMTP server.
  • This also helps to prevent emails from going into spam folders, which often happens when a lot of emails go out from one email server.
  • Works for admin and non-admin users

This add-on can significantly diminish your frustration with vTiger emails, and your clients’! With the Multiple Outgoing Email Server Add-on, you can more effectively utilize your CRM and help your business run more smoothly.


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