Vtiger Custom Screen Layout


Our Vtiger Custom Screen Layout extension allows the administrator to change the layout of screens based on logical conditions.  You can now add a rule to hide fields, make fields mandatory, and/or read only.

Product Description

Are you looking for ways to streamline your Vtiger screens.  If so, Boru’s Vtiger Custom Fields Layout extension can help. Our Vtiger extension allows the administrator to change the layout of records by configuring logical conditions that control what fields show on any screen. Since your business is unique, our Vtiger conditional fields layout extension can allow you to show, hide, and make some fields mandatory based on your users’ needs.

For example, if your Operations department does not use the address fields, but they do use a field block at the bottom of the screen, you can hide the address field block is the status is in Operations phase.  This way they won’t have to scroll down the page every time they interact with a record.

In addition, if a field is mandatory, but is not related to what your Operations team does, you can hide it for them. So when they are entering data in a record, they won’t be stymied by an error message for a field they are not familiar with

Check out the features our Custom Fields Layout extension can provide for changing Vtiger conditional fields”

  • Configure layouts for records
  • Ability to hide, make mandatory, and read only to certain fields
  • Similar to workflows, sys admins are able to set conditions and add field display rules
  • All custom and standard modules are supported



Vtiger Version: 6.X
PHP Version: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 


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