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Streamline your processes, go paperless, and save money with the Boru Vtiger Digital Signature app.  This Vtiger extension offers secure signature/document management for a fraction of the cost of DocuSign.  And best of all, it integrates with Vtiger.

Product Description

***Now available for Vtiger 7.X

Are you trying to streamline your business processes? If so, using Vtiger digital signatures on your quotes and sales orders can make you faster and more efficient. Standard Vtiger has lots of capabilities to help you go paperless — however if legal reasons demand a signed document, you are stuck dealing with paper. Why rely on printers and scanners, or worse yet, a fax machine? That’s why we developed the Vtiger Digital Signature module: just click “Request Signature” on the quote/sales order/invoice screen and we take care of the rest — safely and securely.

You also save money with the Boru Vtiger Digital Signature app versus integrating Vtiger with EchoSign, etc, because with our plugin there are no monthly or per document fees.

You have comfort and security because when a client signs a document electronically, our digital signature software take meticulous records — the signer’s location and IP address are logged automatically, as are copies of the signed document and the signer’s signature.

Check out the tabs above for more specifics, screenshots and videos of the Vtiger Digital Signature module in action.


VTiger Version

PHP Version

5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6-7.0


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