Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service


Don’t assume that hackers will overlook your business just because it’s small. Get the Vtiger security protection you need to fight off cyber attacks with the Boru Vtiger Security Assessment Service.

Product Description

As a small business owner, you probably assume that hackers would rather go after big corporations with thousands of customers. Unfortunately, hackers don’t care about the size or popularity of your business — usually they hunt for is a vulnerable server. That’s why it’s so important to enforce strong Vtiger security practices within your business.

With Boru’s Vtiger Security Assessment and Protection Service, we can determine the strength of your security, as well as recommend tools and practices to enhance your Vtiger security.

Here’s what we look at during the assessment:

  • Server side security practices
    • Domain management/SSL
    • IP restrict access to Vtiger/server
  • Assess server for attacks
    • Assess whether the server has ever been compromised
    • Assess server logs for attacks
    • Turn on logging if needed
  • Vtiger Security
    • Password strength
    • Best practices
    • Proper file permissions
    • Proper user cleanups
    • Relevant Vtiger patches,
    • Email notifications of suspicious activity
  • Backups
    • Frequency of backups
    • Local
    • Remote
    • Multiple remote
    • Email confirmation of backups
  • Assess if PCI compliance is needed

When it comes to your data, as well as your customers’ data, you can’t afford to take chances with security. Contact Boru today to set up a Boru Security Assessment and Protection Service.


Vtiger Version: 6.X
PHP Version: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 


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