Vtiger Customization: Boru2Gmail – Save Emails to ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Tickets’ Modules

Recently, we created customizations for Boru2Gmail that will eventually make it to our standard application.  Currently, our app allows you to attach emails to your ‘Contact’ records in Vtiger.  We went even further with this capability.  Now, this client can link the contact’s emails to related ‘Opportunities’ records, related ‘Tickets’ records, and the standard ‘Contact’ […]

Vtiger Customization: Make it Easy for Your Sales Team to Update Opportunities

Our client requested an easier flow for creating and updating opportunities because they found that their sales team was not adding information in their company’s Vtiger CRM. This led to lost information and weaker sales outcomes. To combat this problem, Boru created a tool that simplified the process of entering data and saved the salespeople time.  With this […]