Vtiger 7 Resource: New Features but Not Necessarily Better Than Vtiger 6

There are many cool new features in Vtiger 7, compared to Vtiger 6, and we wrote about it here.   At the same time, some of the changes are new and intriguing, but not necessarily improvements.  Here a list of posts we have written on this subject, and customizations we have made. Vtiger 7 New Features, […]

Vtiger 7 Resource: Changes and Improvements from Vtiger 6

Vtiger 7 has been out for a many months now, and we have written all about it during this time.  In this article, you can access resources about some differences between Vtiger 7 and Vtiger 6.  Read the following to learn about the new changes and improvements.  Vtiger 7 Improvements from Vtiger 6: Create a User-Friendly […]