Vtiger App: ElasticSearch Ready for Vtiger 7!

ElasticSearch is now ready for Vtiger 7!  While the look is the same as the Vtiger 7 standard search, elasticsearch is more efficient and easy to use.  As review, here are key differences between ElasticSearch and Vtiger standard search: Further reaching search engine – You can search any field within Vtiger:  the standard search only allows for […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Small Change for Advanced Global Search

Vtiger 6.5 and Vtiger 7 have the same advanced searches, but they have different buttons to activate the pop-up.  Vtiger 7 uses an arrow symbol for the button instead of the word “Advanced”, and the image  below shows a quick comparison of this difference. Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger database!

Vtiger 7 Feature: New Improved Global Search

Vtiger 7 has a new global search that appears on your current screen as a pop-up box. This can be helpful when you want to quickly preview information about a contact, organization, etc., but still remain on the same web page.   Compare this to Vtiger 6 where you can only see one piece of […]