Vtiger Activity Quick Add

  • This module was designed to allow users to quickly and efficiently schedule activities linked to any vTiger entity. Lists of activities can be created for each entity, each maintaining their own settings. One or many activities can be added with very few clicks and without leaving the screen, eliminating often repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on getting work done. 

Using the Extension

Select Supported Modules

First you must decide what modules to support. By default it is enabled for Sales Orders.

  • To enable support for a module, click its name in the “Disabled” list, then click the Add button.
  • To disable support for a module, click its name in the “Enabled” list, then click the Remove button.

NOTE If you remove a module from the Enabled list, the activities you created will not be destroyed. Enabling that module later will recover your list of activities.

Setup Activities

Activities associated with each enabled module must be created in order for the widget to show up in that module. To create activities:

  • Select a module in the “Manage Activity for Module” dropdown.
  • Enter default values for each activity template you wish to create.
    • Subject is a brief description of the activity to display in the list.
    • Priority will set the vTiger activity priority.
    • Send notification will send email notification to the user specified in “Assign To.”
    • Description can be a lengthy description of the activity.
    • Assign To is the person with which to schedule the activity.
      • Specific User lets you assign a specific vTiger user.
      • Flexible User will assign the activity to the user in that field on the vTiger entity.
    • Start Date sets the scheduled activity start date. A setting of “0” means immediate assignment.
    • End Date sets the scheduled due date for the activity.
  • Add more activities to each list using the green plus sign at the bottom.

Activity Quick Add Screenshot