Vtiger Bigcommerce Integration

Vtiger BigCommerce Integration Saves Time

BigCommerce allows businesses to sell their products online using an intuitive ecommerce system. But, if you use Vtiger for your CRM as well, it is difficult and time consuming to merge information between the two.

tyle=”color: #181818;”>Boru’s Integration module integrates Customers, Products, and Orders from BigCommerce to Vtiger. With one simple click, you can easily send information between systems to help you keep track of various transactions and ensure that your database is always up to date without having to sync it manually.

Due to BigCommerce API limitations, we are only able to pull Customers and Orders from BigCommerce into Vtiger, but we are able to sync Products from Vtiger to BigCommerce and vice versa. This integration saves a lot of time and will help you keep your efficiency and organization at a maximum.

The BigCommerce Integration is no longer available for sale. If there is any way Boru can help your business needs, please click the button below to contact us. We would love to hear from you!