Our client asked us to customize a backorder solution and we created an automatic shipment record function.  A shipment record is initially created when the Vtiger user converts a quote record to a sales order record. Shipment records keep track of the time each item was shipped, while the parent order shows the overall total.

The sales order record allows the user to edit the amount shipped and every time they update the items on the parent sales order, a shipment record is created.  Then, the shipment record triggers an invoice for the items shipped. 

For example:

1. 10 items are on back order for a customer
2. Vtiger user converts the quote to a sales order, and it triggers a parent sales order that states 10 ordered and 0 fulfilled

  • A shipment record is created with the time and states 10 ordered and 0 fulfilled

3. User updates the parent sales order when 7 items were available to equal 3 ordered and 7 fulfilled

  • New shipment record is created and states 3 ordered and 7 fulfilled
  • Then user can create an invoice from shipment record for the 7 shipped items (feature is a part of customization)

4. The last 3 items were shipped and fulfilled and sales order is complete.