Revolutionizing Document Management in Vtiger with Boru’s Drag and Drop Extension

Vtiger document management, efficiency and ease of use are paramount. Boru’s custom extension for Vtiger open source CRM, enabling drag and drop functionality for documents, significantly enhances the user experience by streamlining the process of managing documents within the system.

Simplifying Document Uploads in Vtiger

Vtiger’s inherent document management capabilities allow users to upload files, link external documents, or create new documents within the CRM. However, this process, while straightforward, can be time-consuming, especially when handling multiple documents. Boru’s drag and drop extension addresses this by allowing users to directly drag files from their desktop or folder onto the Vtiger record, bypassing several steps in the standard upload process.

Efficient Drag and Drop Functionality

With this extension, users can simply drag a file – such as a PDF or an image – and drop it into a designated area within the Vtiger record. The system automatically creates a document record, assigns a default file name, and links it to the appropriate module. This process is significantly faster than the traditional method, saving valuable time and effort.

Customizable for Various Modules

Recognizing that different modules within Vtiger have varying requirements for document uploads, the drag and drop extension offers customization options. System administrators can choose which modules feature the drag and drop widget. For instance, if the opportunities module does not require frequent document uploads, the widget can be disabled for that module while being available for others like contacts or tickets.

Seamless Integration with Existing Functionality

Despite its simplicity, the drag and drop extension seamlessly integrates with Vtiger’s existing document management system. Documents uploaded via this method are accessible through the related list, can be previewed, downloaded, and edited just like any other document in Vtiger.

Ease of Implementation and Configuration

Boru has designed the extension to be easy to implement and configure within any Vtiger open source build. This ease of integration ensures that businesses can quickly adopt this functionality without significant downtime or disruption to their existing workflows.


Boru’s drag and drop extension for Vtiger revolutionizes the way businesses handle document management within their CRM system. By significantly reducing the time and effort required to upload documents, this extension streamlines workflow and enhances productivity. It demonstrates Boru’s commitment to providing practical and user-friendly solutions, tailored to improve efficiency in CRM systems like Vtiger.

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