When you’re working with a customer to schedule an appointment, it is hard to figure out in a split second whom you should send to their home. Going through everyone’s schedule to determine the best fit for the job would be a waste of time, and just randomly choosing one is not advantageous either because it ignores the distance a person will have to travel to get the job done. With the home service module, you eliminate the need to do either.

As you talk on the phone with your client, you can click on a link from their Customer Records page that will take you to a map of the location of the customer’s home and the surrounding areas. You can see markers indicating surrounding homes that have scheduled service to be done, at a radius of your choosing. The markers are color-coded by the days of the week so that you can accommodate your customers’ own agenda at a fast glance. As you roll over the markers, you can see who is scheduled to go to that particular house and when. By actually clicking on them, that worker’s schedule will appear, showing all appointments within a week of the one you clicked on. So if you see that this worker is going to be performing a service to a house just a mile away, you can you can add the additional appointment to their calendar right then and there.

And if that day doesn’t work for the client then just keep checking markers of different colors until you find one that works. This module saves time and gas, and it couldn’t be easier to use.