Keeping Vtiger and Ubercart data in sync helps tie your online storefront to the rest of your sales and marketing operations.

With the Boru Ubercart-Vtiger module you can mirror Ubercart data into Vtiger. You save time, reduce errors, and end the tedious process of entering the same data in two systems.

Just create a product in Ubercart, and the product data is automatically sent to Vtiger. Quantity in stock is kept in sync between both systems.

When a user submits an order, the order and customer details are automatically sent to Vtiger. Synchronization is automatic, triggered on record creation making it easy to keep your records accurate in both databases.

The Vtiger-Ubercart integration is no longer available for sale. If there is any way Boru can help your business needs, please click the button below to contact us. We would love to hear from you!