Accepting Payments with Vtiger: A Personal Insight into Enhanced CRM Efficiency

As an integral part of the Boru team, I’m thrilled to unravel the intricacies of how we’ve elevated Vtiger’s capabilities, notably through a clever customization that streamlines the payment request process for businesses. Our innovation isn’t just a technical tweak; it’s a transformative tool aimed at simplifying customer interactions and optimizing financial workflows. Accept payments with Vtiger.

Customized Payment Request Widget: A Game-Changer

Picture this: you have invoices piling up, and a discrepancy in balances could wreak havoc on your receivables. Enter Boru’s custom solution. We’ve implemented a sleek payment request widget directly into the invoice records on Vtiger.

Synced seamlessly from external systems, our widget mirrors the balance due with precision, syncing with the corresponding invoice inside Vtiger. It’s an elegant solution that especially empowers specified user groups, which we label as Access to Payment Request. If you’re not a part of this group, the widget remains hidden, maintaining system integrity and role-based access.

Intuitive Interface, Powerful Results

The true beauty of our customization hides in its simplicity. Default invoice views now present key payment details, with the total, the current balance, and the amount requested all in one glance. Adjustments are made easy with clickable options that let users input exact figures or choose from a picklist – think 20%, 50%, or even the full 100%.

Sending payment requests is a breeze. With a simple click, users trigger Vtiger’s email composition window, loaded with templates and merge codes that convert into secure payment links for customers. And since customization is our mantra, we’ve enabled editing abilities for user-specific tweaks.

Payment Processing Made Secure and Simple

Once the customer steps in, their experience is paramount. Following an email link, they’re greeted with a custom payment interface, prompting secure credit card details entry. In the off chance a typo occurs, immediate feedback ensures errors are corrected, and Vtiger records are updated in real-time with new payment statuses like Declined or Approved.

Behind the scenes, we’ve hitched our wagon to’s stellar services. Their robust system delicately balances security with user-friendliness, processing payments while we capture transaction details for meticulous tracking.

Beyond the Basics: Refunds, Voiding, and Multi-Invoice Requests

What happens when a payment hiccup occurs? Our system offers a straightforward path to issue refunds or void transactions, contingent upon’s settlement period caveat. Users within the Access to Refunds group will find these options readily available, ensuring businesses maintain control and responsiveness.

Not just that, our foresight includes a collective resolve to safety and security. Proprietary safeguards shield the system from either end – no excessive charges or baseless refunds.

Conclusion: Boru’s Pledge To Streamline Your CRM Experience

This enhancement I’ve described is not just a facet of our expertise; it is a testament to Boru’s dedication to improving customer relations and workflow efficiency through Vtiger customization. We understand the manifold challenges businesses face – and we respond by creating CRM solutions that are not just solutions but gateways to smoother, more dependable, and secure financial management.

Lean on us at Boru, where our customization for Vtiger is tailored to your need not just for a CRM system, but for a CRM system that acts as a reliable business ally. Every addition, every innovation, is a step we take to ensure your business doesn’t just accept payments with Vtiger, but does so with unrivaled accuracy and ease.

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