Boru New Product Update – Access Vtiger Email Templates within Boru2Gmail

Our Boru team always strives to produce the best Vtiger support and Vtiger apps to make our clients’ lives a bit easier. We’re excited to announce our newest updates to the Boru2Gmail app, and we think our clients’ businesses will greatly benefit from these new features. One exciting new feature with our Boru2Gmail app is […]

Boru New Product Update – Boru2Gmail Live Feed Tab

Our Boru2Gmail app brings you more Vtiger power than ever before with our latest updates. We will be writing a series of blog posts on our Vtiger Gmail integration to let you know more about these individual updates, and we hope you find them helpful. One new exciting feature added to the Boru2gmail app is the […]

New Product Release – Boru Vtiger Elastic Search

With this new search tool you can supercharge your Vtiger search: you can continue to use the global search in vtiger it will search massive amounts of vtiger data it is super fast! it now has a type ahead search capability that will blow your mind you control what fields are indexed in the search […]

New Product Announcement – Vtiger-Slack Integration

Here at Boru, we know our customers demand results. In order to achieve the best results, teams need top-notch communication. With Slack’s integration with Vtiger, internal communications tools are organized all in one place. Here’s how it works: On any record in Vtiger, you can click to add a new slack (topic) channel, and add users […]

New Vtiger Payments Module

We had many client requests for a Vtiger payment module so we decided to create an app for this.   We just released it to the public and are getting a nice response from the users.  It is a great app at a very attractive price.

Test Vtiger Workflows Immediately

If you do a lot of workflows in Vtiger you know what a pain it is to create a workflow and then have to wait for the workflows to run in order to test it.  And you need to test every workflow to be sure they work perfectly. With our new app, once installed, you get a […]

New Features in Boru2Gmail, a Chrome App for integrating Vtiger and Gmail

In case you missed it, Boru2Gmail is Boru’s latest integration for Vtiger and Google Apps and it’s been a big hit with Beta testers. Boru2Gmail is a Chrome App that brings the power of Vtiger right into your Gmail sidebar. As you click on emails in your Inbox, Boru2Gmail matches the email address against those […]

Take Control of Scheduling with Boru’s Vtiger Calendar Replacement

We all love Vtiger but let’s face it: the stock Calendar module leaves much to be desired. For power users that require more flexibility, Boru offers Vtiger Calendar Replacement. Boru’s Calendar Replacement offers advanced features similar to the familiar and easy-to-use Gmail Calendar: Drag and drop appointments Invite Contacts with a standard, familiar iCal request […]

VTiger Gmail Integration Tip – Activities Tab

The feature that makes Boru2Gmail such a great productivity tool for sales reps is the Activity tab.  If you get an email from a prospect or client, and you want to check to make sure you have a follow up scheduled, you can click on the activity tab (see the video for details) and see […]