Boru’s Email Linker Adds All Your Company Emails Into Vtiger Linked to the Contact

I was talking to a client today who felt like their company was not coordinating well enough as a team — both in sales and operations.  There are many facets to great execution but one aspect we talked about was visibility to client communications.  Team members need to put good notes in comments and record their appointments and calls.  But email is a huge part of your client interactions.  If all your email is locked up in everyone’s individual email client, then your team is not sharing information effectively.

  • what if a sales person is about to make a customer call and he does not know the client has just emailed the supervisor with a complaint.
  • what if a sales person leaves the company and you need to see some of the email discussions so you can pick up and continue negotiations on open quotes

Our email linker helps give visibility to emails communication at the contact level.  Here are some of the key features:

  • adds all company incoming and outgoing emails to vtiger
  • attachments can be included, created linked documents or stripped
  • daily email to users to notify of emails that did not link because the contact/email address was not in the system
  • unlinked email processor to easily create new contacts and link the email
  • daily report to the administrator to summarize email totals by user

Check out the product page for more details, screen shots and videos

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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