Weekly 7.1 update from Prasad @ Vtiger

Vtiger/Prasad are impressing me with the attention and communication going into this release. I don’t think it will have any blockbuster features, but they are making a lot of structural updates that will make Vtiger more stable and more viable going forward. ========================== This week focus was on stability and clean up of backlog issues […]

Vtiger Feature: Calendar List View Default Status

As we stated in an earlier post, calendar list view is the best option for salespeople who have a long schedule of phone calls.  To have list view be your calendar default status: Go to CRM Settings>My Preferences>Calendar Settings Select the edit pencil when you hover “Default Calendar View”  Select “List View”, then the green check […]

Vtiger 7.1: Programming Developments to Improve Your CRM for the Long Term

Although Vtiger 7.1 bug fixes are not apparent to most users, the site’s structural aspect is becoming more robust.  In other words, you probably will not notice these differences but Vtiger is improving with each development.  For example, moving the ‘starred’ records feature into CRMentity is not going to mean much to end users, but for developers, […]

Vtiger Customization: Add New Search Fields to Your Global Search

You may have come to realize that a field you reference is not searchable through Vtiger’s global search.  Our client found this to be true when they went to search the purchase order number.  We added the purchase order number field into their global search so that it populates with every correlating record that contains the number.  Contact […]

Vtiger Integration: Verify Transactions with BluePay in WordPress Website

BluePay verifies customers’ credit and debit transactions made on your WordPress e-commerce website.  This not only protects your company from fraud but also streamlines your record keeping in Vtiger.  Any time a transaction is approved, a Vtiger record is automatically created with the contact’s information.     Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM!

Vtiger 7 Feature: Set Default Value for Almost Any Field

If you have a field that requires the same information every time, you can use the ‘Set Default Value’ feature.  This can be used in many situations.  For example, if you always use the same shipping method for your packages, you can set it as a default. Simply go to Home>Module Management>Layout Editor to edit field properties. […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Generate Purchase Orders from the Invoice Record

Vtiger 7 has a neat feature that automatically populates purchase orders from invoice records, sales order records, and quote records.  You simply click the ‘More’ button in the right-hand corner and then click “Generate Purchase Order”.   Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM!

Vtiger Training: Magnifying Glass on New Records

This feature lets you create a new record faster by pulling in data from other records.  For example, if you were creating a purchase order you simply click on the magnifying glass to pull in address data from another record.       Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM!

Vtiger 7.1 News: Final Release Date Announced

We received exciting news this morning from the Vtiger developers!  If all goes to plan, the newest version of Vtiger will be here the first week of March.  They have been hard at work updating the CRM and keeping the community informed. Read the full announcement here. Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM!

Vtiger Customization: Automatically Save Survey Results

As soon as a customer finishes and saves a form, the results will automatically save in Vtiger as a survey record.  This process allows you to keep better track of your survey results.  Here’s How the Customization Works:  A transaction is completed Vtiger automatically sends a survey to the customer Once the survey is completed, the data is […]

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