Elevate Your Vtiger CRM Experience with Custom Displays

As a fervent advocate for efficiency and streamlined workflows, I’m eager to share the power of heads-up displays (HUDs) in CRM platforms, specifically with Vtiger. Are you tired of navigating through a labyrinth of modules and records to find vital information? I’ve been there and I know the frustration. But here’s a revelation—an eloquently simple solution that revolutionized the way we handle data: custom Vtiger custom displays (HUDs).

The Crux of Customization

Imagine this: key information from related records all displayed on a single screen. That’s what these HUDs are all about. I’ve seen the transformation firsthand in several clients’ setups. It’s not just about displaying relevant data—it’s how it is displayed. With Vtiger’s custom displays, we tailor the CRM to show precisely what our users need, providing a summary view of the most important fields defined by the users themselves.

The practicality of custom displays in Vtiger became eminent when we developed one for an opportunity record linked to related policies and leads. On the main screen, users can view the opportunity’s key fields as Vtiger ordinarily allows, but that’s just the start.

Lead and Policy Widgets: The Game-Changers

To the left, we have the lead widget, a specialized section showcasing the lead’s key fields—essential information presented elegantly and editably without stirring from the opportunity record.

And what about policies? With policies often closely tied to multiple opportunities, we introduced a right-side widget that not only displays the policy’s key details but also brings in a list view for instances when multiple policies are associated with a single opportunity. The widget, by design, shows the most recent policy, maintaining relevance and timeliness.

Streamlining Multi-Module Work

The integration of these custom displays within the Vtiger CRM interface serves a singular, transformative purpose: centralization. We’re minimizing navigation and maximizing efficiency by presenting lead, policy, and opportunity records in one cohesive interface. This streamlined view accelerates referencing and editing related records remarkably. Imagine updating an applicant’s date of birth across related modules without jumping in and out of different screens—that’s efficiency at its finest.

Flexibility and Control within Your Grasp

But customization doesn’t end with what’s already there. With Vtiger custom displays, flexibility is key. Users can decide which fields are displayed in these widgets. Adding a new key field to a policy? It will automatically update in the HUD. This level of personalization means the system grows and adapts with your needs, not the other way around.

Integration That Facilitates Productivity

In my experience, other integrated widgets, such as comments and document widgets, further fuel productivity by centralizing communication and document management directly within the opportunity record. Dragging and dropping documents into the record? It’s as simple as it sounds.

The Takeaway

In summation, custom HUDs in Vtiger are more than just a neat presentation of information. They are a deeply considered and meticulously developed solution to facilitate a seamless and efficient work process. By centralizing information across modules and offering an editable, flexible, and user-controlled interface, these HUDs have proven indispensable.

At Boru, we understand the importance of efficiency and customization in CRM systems, and as a testament to this philosophy, we have successfully implemented HUDs that not only satisfy but also anticipate our client’s needs. Such innovation is not just a part of what we do—it IS what we do. Our commitment to crafting a CRM system that delivers both in performance and user satisfaction remains unwavering. To experience the transformative power of Vtiger custom displays, forged to perfection by the hands of Boru’s astute professionals, is to step into a world where CRM efficiency and accuracy are not just desired—they’re expected, achieved, and surpassed.

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