Streamlining Insurance Policy Management with Boru’s Integration for Vtiger and Sunfire

Enhancing CRM with Boru’s Innovative Integration Solutions

In the realm of customer relationship management (CRM), integrating external platforms to streamline operations is crucial. Boru, Inc. has recently exemplified this with our integration project linking Sunfire, a third-party insurance policy submission platform, with Vtiger CRM. This integration is a prime example of how Boru is leading the way in creating a seamless, efficient CRM for insurance agents

Simplifying Policy and Contact Management in Vtiger

Our integration focuses on automating the transfer of policy information from Sunfire into Vtiger, creating policy records as well as contact records within the CRM system. This automation ensures that data is consistently and accurately maintained in Vtiger, significantly reducing manual entry and the potential for errors.

Advanced Duplicate Check Mechanism

A key feature of this integration is the sophisticated contact check logic. To prevent duplication, the system first checks for existing contacts by primary phone number and full name. If no match is found, it then creates a new contact record and links it to the corresponding policy record. This process exemplifies our commitment to data integrity and efficiency.

Carrier Mapping for Data Consistency

Another notable aspect of this CRM for insurance agents is the carrier mapping feature. Since Sunfire uses different carrier names compared to those in Vtiger, we developed a mapping system to reconcile these differences. For instance, “Aetna Inc.” in Sunfire is mapped to the corresponding “Aetna” value in Vtiger. This mapping ensures data consistency and reliability across the platform.

Comprehensive Logging and Reporting

The integration also features a log page for admin users, providing transparency and traceability. It allows users to track policies transferred from Sunfire to Vtiger and monitor the contact linkage process. This feature is invaluable for maintaining data accuracy and for generating comprehensive reports within Vtiger.

Real-Time Updates and Agent Management

Furthermore, our integration includes CRM webhooks for real-time updates on policy creation and session saving, reflecting more detailed information filled out by insurance agents. It also facilitates the updating of unique agent numbers (NPN) in the system, ensuring all agent records are current and accurate.

Impact on Client Operations

This integration is especially beneficial during peak times such as the open enrollment season, allowing our client to track progress efficiently and recognize patterns in policy submissions. With all data centralized in the CRM for insurance agents, our client gains valuable insights, helping them make informed decisions and streamline their operations.

Conclusion: Boru’s Dedication to CRM Excellence

At Boru, our focus is on delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. The Sunfire-Vtiger integration project underscores our expertise in CRM customization and our dedication to providing advanced, user-friendly solutions. With Boru, businesses are equipped with the tools they need to manage their operations more effectively and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

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