Customer Closeout Form

Currently, we are working on making a closeout page that includes all of the financing from the order. The form contains the calculations from discounts to selecting a partial amount to make a payment. This form is separated into 4 different sections making the flow of the process better for the user. The 4 sections are: Discounts, Taxes, Bill To/Ship To and Financing. These sections have a combination of entry fields and fields displaying the result of a calculation. In addition, the form carries over information previously used early in the form such as “Totals” and the “Customer’s Address”. Finally, The financing step of the process lets the user save, edit “Payment methods”, select a “Payment Method” to make a payment and finally, it lets the user see choose the way it is more convenient for them to pay.

All of this is just a small portion of the full version of this form, and it was all designed to give the user a good and efficient experience.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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