Vtiger Migration – Direct Approach

With Vtiger Direct Migration, you can bypass the dreaded Vtiger migration scripts and migrate your Vtiger direct (database to database) to the most current Vtiger. Vtiger’s migration script

Boru’s Activity Clock Extension Uses Vtiger Activities for Efficient Time Management

In the fast-paced world of consulting, every second counts. A new solution provided by Boru, known as the Activity Clock module, is becoming a game-changer for professionals, particularly consultants. In a recent discussion, the module’s features, applications, and advantages were laid out in detail. In this post we cover a method of using Vtiger Activities […]

Enhancing VTigerCRM for IT Support: A Dive into Custom Ticket Flow

The customer service landscape is ever-evolving, and businesses constantly look for ways to improve their processes. One software that has been pivotal for businesses in managing customer relationships is VTigerCRM. For companies involved in IT support, the ticketing system can be a lifeblood. So, how can we improve and customize this system to make it […]

Effortlessly Integrate Gmail with Vtiger: A Game-Changer for Small Businesses

Small businesses are constantly seeking tools that streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. Two such critical tools for many are Gmail and Vtiger CRM. Recognizing the significance of both platforms, we are excited to introduce an integration that brings the best of both worlds together. Why the Integration? Our journey began when we realized that […]

Boru Multiple SMTP Outgoing Server User Guide

Log into the CRM Find the drop down menu under the user name Select “OutGoing Sever” to set the SMTP settings User Video Reference Guide:  http://prodl05php5.borugroup.com/web2project/user_images/images/YHAUSMAN/2014-03-26_1107.swf

Boru Tickets Replacement Users’ Guide

Notifications Events When one of these events occurs, a corresponding email notification will be sent if the following conditions are met: 1. The event is set to “On” 2. The notification within the event is set to “Enabled” (and saved) 3. The enabled notification is properly configured, with a valid subject line and body. Ticket […]

Home Service vTiger Users’ Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Search Module”] When you first log in, you’ll be taken directly to the search module. This customized search gives you the ability to search addresses and contacts from the same interface, and also displays the Appointments, Quotes, and Work Orders linked to each record. These appear as numbers to the right hand side […]

VTiger Workflow User Guide

Boru’s Workflow Module offers a powerful and flexible way to automate tasks within vtiger. The architecture of the module is based on the idea of Drip Campaigns, where a set of pre-written email messages are sent out to customers or prospects over time, based on logical conditions. The Boru Workflow Module expands on this idea […]

VTiger Quick History User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Quick Call User Guide”] 1. After the installation, the module will appear on the records detail view. 2. Enter the notes of the call/follow up. 3. “Create Call History” is checked by default, when it’s checked it will create a completed activity with the #2 notes. The activity subject will be truncated to […]

Boru Quote Template User Guide

[accordions] [accordion title=”Create Quote Template”] Open any Quote in vTiger Click “Create Quote Template” in the “Actions” area New window will pop up and you will be able to create a “Quote Template” from the existing quote. Select the fields you want to save in the template Enter “Template Name” Save the Template  [/accordion] [accordion […]