VTiger Workflow User Guide

Boru’s Workflow Module offers a powerful and flexible way to automate tasks within vtiger. The architecture of the module is based on the idea of Drip Campaigns, where a set of pre-written email messages are sent out to customers or prospects over time, based on logical conditions. The Boru Workflow Module expands on this idea […]

VT Call User Guide

VT Call is a tool which provides a streamlined interface for quickly processing a long list of calls. It gives you the ability to quickly access all of the information you need to make effective sales calls, and integrates seamlessly with the vtiger data structure.

Round Robin User Guide

The Boru Round Robin module lets you easily assign new records to vTiger users in a highly flexible way, and provides feedback to let you know that they’re following up on the assignments. In order to start using the roundrobin module, follow the installation instructions carefully, then create a new vTiger user called “roundrobin.” For […]

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