Vtiger Customization: Boru2Gmail Google Chrome Extension

Many Vtiger users also email customers through Gmail, and like most people, will have a lot of back and forth when transferring information.  Using Boru2Gmail, a Google Chrome extension, links the two accounts and streamlines the customer data. 

In the last week, we provided a Boru2Gmail customization requested by a customer that was tailored to their specific business demands.  It created a more efficient way for them to track and organize their customer data.

  • Boru can further customize the extension to be tailored to your needs

As seen below, we customized our client’s extension to:

  1. Contain less tabs
  2. Have more fields in the “Contact” tab
  3. Have the Drag-n-drop app to the “Contact” tab
  4. Access to working with leads and contacts at the same time

Less tabs – shortened tab list to “Email”, “Comments”, “Documents”, and “Live Feed”

More fields in the “Contact” tab – added information fields about a contact, beyond their basic information, so company can have a scope of how the contact relates to their company

Drag-n-drop app added to the “Contact” tab to easily share documents with contact

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