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If your team has a lot of detailed tasks that need to be completed in a timely, disciplined manner, you may be stressed out by trying to manage your operation.  Keeping track of tons of events/deliverables can get difficult. Sometimes approaching deadlines go unnoticed, and can even be missed completely. One of our clients recently came to us for Vtiger support and was looking for way to stay on top of their work. Our Vtiger professionals were able to deliver a way to do this, and it’s been great to see the progress so far.

Since this client specializes in freight shipping and trucking, timely load pick ups are vital to the business. Before our Vtiger customization, this company was manually keeping track of thousands of tasks — and it was quite the stressful environment.

We improved performance and reduced stress dramatically.  We set up workflows that automate creation of the tasks.  Once the tasks are created, now the manager just has to make sure they get completed.  We created filters, dashboards and late delivery reports (see below) to help the manager stay on top of getting the tasks completed on time.  They went from being stressed and out of control to being calm and disciplined.  

This workflow creates 5 tasks and knows what has to be done based on the pick up date. The workflow determines when the tasks need to be scheduled for any given pickup and schedules them automatically. All tasks are found in one list view, making it easy for any user to keep track of schedules. 

Completed and Not Completed
Completed and Not Completed

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