Enhancing Call Center Efficiency with Boru’s Custom Vtiger Integration

Call centers are the backbone of customer service in many industries, and Boru’s innovative customization for Vtiger open source CRM has taken the efficiency of call center operations to a new level. Our client, who relies heavily on call center functionality, required a system that could adapt to dynamic conversation scripts and enhance user workflow. Boru’s solution offers a sophisticated, user-friendly approach to managing call center interactions.

Customized Call Scripting in Vtiger

The primary challenge in call centers is navigating through different scripts based on customer responses. Boru addressed this by integrating a flexible scripting system into the Vtiger CRM. When a call center agent answers a call, the related contact record pops up, displaying an introductory script at the top of the screen. This script is designed with merge codes and logic, enabling personalized conversation starters.

Innovative Weather Widget Integration

To add a touch of personalization and warmth to the conversation, Boru implemented a weather widget. This widget displays current weather and temperature based on the customer’s zip code provided by the dialer. Such small details can significantly enhance customer engagement and set a friendly tone for the conversation.

Customizable Scripting Widget

Beyond the introduction, a separate, fully customizable scripting widget is placed further down the page. System admins can tailor this widget to display various sections of the script relevant to different topics or products discussed. It’s designed to be interactive, allowing users to expand, collapse, and navigate through different sections based on the conversation’s direction.

Regulatory Compliance and Script Management

Understanding the importance of regulatory compliance, Boru has ensured that mandatory statements are prominently placed and easily accessible within the script. Users can mark off parts of the script as they go, ensuring that all necessary information is conveyed.

Full Customizability and Formatting Options

All scripting components, from the introductory script to the detailed sections in the widget, are fully customizable. Admins can update the text and utilize a wide range of formatting options, including bold, italics, font sizes, highlighting, text coloring, and merge codes. These WYSIWYG tools are crucial for emphasizing important parts of the script and ensuring compliance with standardized communication procedures.

The Outcome: Streamlined Call Center Operations

By integrating these customized features into Vtiger CRM, Boru has significantly streamlined the workflow for call center agents. This solution not only simplifies the management of dynamic call scripts but also ensures a more engaging and personalized experience for customers. It’s an excellent example of how CRM customization can be effectively used to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of call center operations.


Boru’s custom Vtiger integration for call centers is a testament to their commitment to enhancing CRM functionalities to meet specific business needs. By focusing on user-friendly interfaces and customizable scripting options, they have provided a tool that not only improves call center efficiency but also elevates the overall customer service experience.

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