Operate in Vtiger Offline

One of our clients asked us for an offline way to interact with Vtiger on mobile devices. Their sales reps go into the field and take orders from clients using tablets. Once the order is entered, it has to get sent back up to the server. Therein lies the rub; network service is not always available.

We came up with a solution that will interact with our client’s Vtiger and SAP systems but still function offline. The technical aspects of it are dense, but suffice it to say that from the user experience side we have a great concept going.

The user can easily interact with the custom built order taking system (pictured in a rough GUI below) both online and offline. The process includes selecting items, adding to cart, capturing signatures, and other customer data. Once the transaction is complete, it is stored temporarily on the device. If the device is offline, the order information will be transmitted to the server when a network connection becomes available. If the device is connected throughout the process, then the order is transmitted immediately.

All of the images, GUI, and order taking systems are contained within an “app-like” structure. In essence, we are creating a browser based, HTML 5, platform agnostic app at a fraction of the cost of a native app.

I, for one, think it is pretty slick!

GUI app screen

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