Vtiger Custom Screen Layout

Our Vtiger Custom Screen Layout extension allows the administrator to change the layout of screens based on logical conditions.  You can now add a rule to hide fields, make fields mandatory, and/or read only.

Vtiger Opportunities by Month Dashboard Graph

Description Screenshots Requirements Description Since you are paying for leads, wouldn’t it be nice to know, at a glance, if your sales team is meeting your goals to pursue opportunities on a monthly basis? Boru’s Vtiger Vtiger Opportunities by Month Dashboard Graph helps with that by showing you the monthly goals for opportunities and the % […]

Vtiger Phone Call Dashboard Graph

Description Video Requirements Description Video Requirements Vtiger Version: 6.X PHP Version: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5  RELATED PRODUCTS Previous Next Contact us for a free demo

Elastic Search for Vtiger

Description Screenshots Requirements Description Elastic Search is a powerful, open-source API also deployed by many commonly used services, such as Netflix, Quora, and Github, that searches through all records and returns results to search terms in near real-time. Boru has now brought that same functionality to your Vtiger with this product offering: In Vtiger, you […]

Vtiger M Q Y Sales Dashboard Graph

Description Requirements Description Wouldn’t it be nice to know, at a glance, how your sales people are doing relative to their sales goals? With Boru’s Vtiger M Q Y Sales Dashboard Graph you see red if they are not meeting their goals and you see green if they are on track.  The system calculates what their sales level […]

Vtiger Comments from Activities

Description Requirements Description Some sales processes require the discipline of using the vtiger follow up calls and the calendar/task list.  But users are conflicted because they like the simplicity of comments — at a glance the user can scan the last few comments and have a good sense of recent communications/activities.  These notes in an […]

Vtiger MailChimp Integration

Description Requirements Description The Vtiger MailChimp extension is one of the most popular mass email programs.  If you use MailChimp and Vtiger, we know you’ll get good use from our Vtiger Mailchimp. With our Vtiger Mailchimp extension, you have the ability to sync: Campaigns Contacts/Leads Clicks and Opens Unsubscribes Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces Requirements Vtiger […]

Quick Add Tasks

Schedule tasks within Vtiger and assign them to different modules with just a few clicks.

Vtiger Quote Templates

If you are doing repetitive quotes, streamline your quoting process by creating and using Vtiger Quote Templates with a variety of prospects.