Boru Vtiger Payments App


Product Description

***Now available for Vtiger 7.X

Our Vtiger Payment app, adds a new module in Vtiger that allows you to record payments linked with Vtiger invoices.  Because it is a Vtiger payment module, you get list view capabilities, reporting, workflows and a field manager.  

In addition, our Vtiger Payment app includes integration with all the Boru payment related apps:

  • Vtiger Quickbooks Integration
  • Vtiger Paypal Integration
  • Vtiger

Some of the features of the Vtiger Payments module are: 

  • Record one or many payments for a Vtiger invoice
  • Link the payment to the Vtiger Invoices, Organizations, and Contacts
  • Vtiger list view and detail view. Related list shows on the invoice screen.
  • Works with Vtiger Reports and Workflows
  • On the invoice, it auto-calculates the $ Paid, Total Paid, Payment by %, and Balance Remaining


Vtiger Version: 6.X
PHP Version: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 


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