Vtiger Email Linker

The Boru Vtiger Email Linker is designed as a replacement for the Vtiger Email Converter.  I was talking to a client about the Email Linker today and he decided to purchase it because of the unlinked email processor that is included.

The standard Vtiger Mail Converter

  • does not inform when an email does not link
  • you get no indication the client is using a new/different email address
  • the unlinked emails and junk emails just pile up in the system and take up valuable space

The Boru Email Linker

  • gives each user an email at the end of the day, “You have 3 unlinked emails.  Click here to view them in the Unlinked Emails Worksheet.”
  • the unlinked emails wizard lets you:
    • link the emails to the correct contact with a few clicks
    • add that email address to the contact so all future emails link
    • add multiple email addresses to the same contact
    • block future emails based on a filter (or one click to block a specific email address)
    • auto-delete unlinked emails after 30 days

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