Boru Gmail Gadget


Search your Vtiger database for information related to the sender and find it conveniently displayed under your message in Gmail.

Product Description

** We’ve retired this product due to changes at Google.  We have released our replacement — Boru2Gmail – a Chrome App for Vtiger Gmail Integration. Please refer to this page to get started: Vtiger Gmail **

Ever wonder just who it is that’s emailing you? Is it a big dollar client that you can’t ignore?

The Boru Gmail Contextual Gadget can search your Vtiger database for anything related to the sender. Then whatever it finds is conveniently displayed under the message: contact info, events, emails, trouble tickets, and more.

Some of the new features that Boru has added to the Gmail Gadget include:

  • a modification where you can now edit contact information in Vtiger directly from the gmail interface
  • the ability to customize what fields you can see in the gadget
  • a hide/show feature, allowing you to minimize and maximize the gadget at your will
  • An email tab that displays email history from Vtiger
  • the ability to create contacts, accounts, events, leads, and more from your Gmail interface
  • A pending activities tab, allowing you to check whether you need to schedule calls with clients to follow up on things

The gadget works with any Vtiger installation, no matter where it’s hosted.


Vtiger Version: 6.X
PHP Version: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 


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