Vtiger Customization: Make it Easy for Your Sales Team to Update Opportunities

Our client requested an easier flow for creating and updating opportunities because they found that their sales team was not adding information in their company’s Vtiger CRM. This led to lost information and weaker sales outcomes. To combat this problem, Boru created a tool that simplified the process of entering data and saved the salespeople time.  With this […]

Vtiger Customization: Help Sales Reps Use Vtiger More Effectively with Head-Up Display

One of the most common complaints we hear from our clients is that navigating the Vtiger system is too difficult for their sales team and wastes their representatives time.  Some sales people find it so complicated that they completely avoid using their company database. For this reason, having your most important customer information on one […]

Banners and other graphics to dress up your Vtiger CRM

One request we get a lot here at Boru is from Vtiger users who want to upgrade the look of their CRM. Unfortunately, configuring the look of Vtiger in the open-source edition is largely limited to selecting a theme color and logo file. This is often unsatisfactory for clients that wish to project a polished […]