Vtiger 7 Feature: Set Default Value for Almost Any Field

If you have a field that requires the same information every time, you can use the ‘Set Default Value’ feature.  This can be used in many situations.  For example, if you always use the same shipping method for your packages, you can set it as a default. Simply go to Home>Module Management>Layout Editor to edit field properties. […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Generate Purchase Orders from the Invoice Record

Streamlining Business Processes with Vtiger’s Automated Purchase Orders In the dynamic world of CRM, efficiency and automation are key to streamlining business processes. Vtiger CRM, a versatile tool for managing customer relationships, has made significant strides in this area, particularly with its capability to create purchase orders automatically. This feature, an integral part of Vtiger […]

Vtiger Training: Magnifying Glass on New Records

This feature lets you create a new record faster by pulling in data from other records.  For example, if you were creating a purchase order you simply click on the magnifying glass to pull in address data from another record.       Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM! [button color=”custom” size=”default” […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Search Related Module Fields with a Custom List View

You can view related module fields in the list view search of another module by creating a custom list (filter).  This could have a wide range of benefits for your search capabilities.  Confused about what it means?  See the example below of the ‘Organization Name – Shipping Address’ field in a ‘Contacts’ list view search. […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Manage Your Main Menu Categories

Manage Main Menu Categories (remove and rearrange): Vtiger 7 has a simple way to manage your main menu / global navigation within the CRM settings.  With no cost to you, you can rearrange and remove certain modules from Marketing, Sales, Inventory, Support, and Projects by clicking the “X” next to that module.  You can also […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Duplicate and Create a New Filter

Vtiger 7 added the duplicate filter feature, so users can create a brand new filter faster.  In past versions, even if the new filter was almost the same as an old filter, users had to recreate every condition again.  Now, users simply duplicate the filter and edit the few conditions that are new.  Example of […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Improved Search Bar to Manage Users

Vtiger 7 has an improved search bar feature located directly above the list of user records in User Management.  For companies with a large amount of users, the search bar in Vtiger 6 can bring back a large amount of results because it only searches alphabetically.  When you click on a letter, the results bring […]

Vtiger 7 Feature: Alert When Two Users are on the Same Record

Vtiger’s new feature helps you avoid overwriting another user’s edits on a record and vice versa.  In the newest version of the CRM, you will be notified when two people are on the same record.    Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger! [button color=”custom” size=”default” light=”no” icon=”fa-comments” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”https://www.boruapps.com/contact-us/ “]Contact Us[/button]