Vtiger App: Drag & Drop Docs is Ready for Vtiger 7

It’s been a while since we mentioned our Drag & Drop Docs app that allows you to upload multiple documents to a record at once .  We are happy to announce that it is ready for Vtiger 7.  View our product page here. Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM! [button color=”custom” size=”default” light=”no” […]

Vtiger App: Send Emails from More Modules with Email Maker App

The Email Maker app saves time and makes it simple to create specialized templates, and because of this it is the perfect app for users who are not web developers.  Once you create your template, you can send it from almost any module.       What else does this app achieve? Ability to add most […]

Vtiger App: Boru2Gmail – Quickly Use Email Templates from Vtiger in Gmail

Do you create a large amount of email templates for Vtiger?  You may be interested to know that you can load Vtiger email templates in your Gmail account.  How can you easily load Vtiger email templates into Gmail? Using the free Boru2Gmail app, your Vtiger email templates are available in a picklist in Gmail.  At the bottom section […]

Vtiger App: PDF Maker vs. Vtiger’s Standard PDF

You may be familiar with Vtiger’s standard PDF option and that it is functional but is not flexible in style (unless you are a professional developer).  The PDF Maker app is an adaptable tool that creates a variety of PDF documents from your Vtiger data. Our Boru team has been working with Vtiger for more than 8 […]

Vtiger App: Quick Call History is Ready for Vtiger 7

You may be a fan of our Quick Call History App.  We are happy to share the news that this app is ready for Vtiger 7. The Quick Call History App achieves the following: Enter notes on the call history Add date & time of call Schedule follow-up call Achieve all of this in any module record […]

Vtiger Integration: Eliminate Entering Data Twice with Our Quickbooks App

It’s been a while since we talked about one of our best selling apps, the Quickbooks app.  It provides non-financial people, especially sales teams, the ability to add financial data without altering any current information in the accounting system.  The app also helps avoid entering data twice because it directly syncs your Quickbooks with Vtiger and […]

Vtiger App: Boru Replacement Calendar Ready for Vtiger 7 + List of Improvements

Our replacement calendar app is ready for Vtiger 7 and has a wide range of improvements. (See the product page here). What are the improvements in the Web Calendar app?  1. Select  Any Color Value for the User Color Blocks   2. Enhanced Timeline View – Set Timeline View on Calendar to Your Company Work Hours In timeline view, the calendar […]

Vtiger App: ElasticSearch Ready for Vtiger 7!

ElasticSearch is now ready for Vtiger 7!  While the look is the same as the Vtiger 7 standard search, elasticsearch is more efficient and easy to use.  As review, here are key differences between ElasticSearch and Vtiger standard search: Further reaching search engine – You can search any field within Vtiger:  the standard search only allows for […]

Vtiger App: Boru2Gmail – Toggle Between Contacts and Leads

With our free Boru2Gmail app, you can directly link your Gmail account to your Vtiger CRM and switch between entering data into the Contact module and entering data into the Lead module.  Many of our customers have asked if they can do this and how it works.  Yes, you can work in both contacts and leads, but only one at […]

Vtiger App: Boru2Gmail Compared to Corrensa (Boru2Gmail is Free)

Both applications provide users the ability to directly link their Gmail contact information to Vtiger.  Even though the two applications have virtually the same features, the Boru2Gmail app is free while the Corrensa app charges a monthly fee.   Learn more about Boru2Gmail here and here.     Contact us to learn more or for help with your Vtiger CRM! [button color=”custom” size=”default” light=”no” […]