Vtiger App: Boru2Gmail – Toggle Between Contacts and Leads

With our free Boru2Gmail app, you can directly link your Gmail account to your Vtiger CRM and switch between entering data into the Contact module and entering data into the Lead module.  Many of our customers have asked if they can do this and how it works. 

Yes, you can work in both contacts and leads, but only one at a time.  The systems administrator sets the module by using the toggle feature in Vtiger CRM Settings .

How Does the Systems Administrator Toggle Between Contacts & Leads?

1A. In Vtiger 6 – Go to CRM Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and clicking “CRM Settings”

1B. In Vtiger 7 –  Go to CRM Settings by clicking on the Global Navigation and hovering over the gear icon, and clicking “CRM Settings”

2. Click “Modules” on the Settings page

3. Find  BoruChromExt Module, hover over it with your mouse, click Settings button, and then click “Config” to be taken to the configuration page

4. Click the picklist to the right of “Default Chrome Ext use for” and select contacts or leads; then click the “Save!” button to change modules for your Boru2Gmail application


Learn more about Boru2Gmail here and here.


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