Vtiger App: Boru Replacement Calendar Ready for Vtiger 7 + List of Improvements

Our replacement calendar app is ready for Vtiger 7 and has a wide range of improvements. (See the product page here). What are the improvements in the Web Calendar app?  1. Select  Any Color Value for the User Color Blocks   2. Enhanced Timeline View – Set Timeline View on Calendar to Your Company Work Hours In timeline view, the calendar […]

Vtiger App: ElasticSearch Ready for Vtiger 7!

ElasticSearch is now ready for Vtiger 7!  While the look is the same as the Vtiger 7 standard search, elasticsearch is more efficient and easy to use.  As review, here are key differences between ElasticSearch and Vtiger standard search: Further reaching search engine – You can search any field within Vtiger:  the standard search only allows for […]

Vtiger App: Protect Your Data with Field Encryption

Is there sensitive and private data in your Vtiger CRM?  If so, it is important to note that Vtiger does not have the capability to encrypt fields.  This means that if a hacker gains access to your server, they can read the data in your Vtiger MySQL database.  The data is presented in the same way […]

Vtiger 7 Tips & Tricks: Mystery Solved for Pop-Up Screen of Related List

Have you encountered the pop-up when clicking on a related list record? We were confused how to get to the full record but discovered there are two ways. One requires going to the pop-up screen and the other requires opening the full record in a different tab. Get to the related record’s full page: From […]

Vtiger News: Vtiger 7.1 Features in the Works

Vtiger’s developer, Satish, announced that Vtiger 7.1 features will be released in the next few weeks.  We are excited about this news but also would love to see the list of bugs in the Vtiger 7 version addressed first.    Note from Satish:   “Hi All,   We would like to update you that we […]