Vtiger Training: How to Set Up a Workflow

Built-In Workflows Workflows provide a powerful way to reach your customers,  support your customers, and set internal reminders with automated protocols.  You can set any conditions (If X, then Y) to achieve varying work tasks. Examples of How Workflows are Used: Trigger email / text follow-ups to an original email / text Send an email/text follow-up […]

Vtiger Training: Customer Portal

What is the Customer Portal? The portal gives your clients access to their Vtiger data with your company so they can connect with your company and share documents, update tickets, and more (see the list of data that clients can view and interact with below).  Customers who need to keep track of or update the data […]

Vtiger Training: Export Any Data Using Detail Reports

Did you know you can export any data from your CRM using the Reports tool? This means that not only can you create a meaningful report, but you can save it to your computer.  Simply, decide what information you need from your Vtiger CRM and download it into a CSV file or Excel file.   Vtiger […]