Unveiling the Future of CRM: Introducing Boru’s Custom Twilio Integration for Vtiger

As the demand for personalized and timely communication in customer relationship management (CRM) continues to soar, businesses are looking for advanced solutions that can seamlessly integrate with their existing systems. That’s why at Boru, we’ve taken a significant step forward in enhancing our CRM capabilities with a customized functionality tailored to elevate our SMS services within Vtiger Bulk SMS.

The Genesis of Our Custom SMS Functionality

In my endeavours to refine the communicative aspect of Vtiger’s open-source platform, I previously discussed the integration of SMS functionalities through various platforms, especially Twilio’s API. Our close partnership with Twilio has empowered us to send text messages directly from the Vtiger system, a feature you can learn more about in our detailed Twilio blog post.

Navigate SMS Challenges with Phone Number Rotation

With relentless efforts by mobile carriers such as T-Mobile to curb spam messaging since late 2022, the concern of vital information being tagged as spam and the subsequent impact on message deliverability to end-users have risen. To tackle this, we’ve engineered an innovative phone number rotation system.

This system is not a means to bypass anti-spam measures, but rather, it’s a strategy to distribute the volume of SMS traffic and reduce the chances of legitimate messages being mistaken for spam. It allows clients to alternate between multiple purchased Twilio phone numbers, staying under the threshold that could trigger carrier spam filters, thereby ensuring the reliability of SMS delivery.

A Closer Look at the Twilio SMS Rotation Settings

Let me walk you through the workings of the rotation system, which involves a new settings page for the Twilio SMS rotation, mirroring the user-friendly aesthetic of our Server Configuration page for SMS Notifier.

  • Phone Number Field: Users can define and visualize the phone numbers available for rotation.
  • In Use By Field: Dynamically displays which user is currently assigned a phone number, remaining blank if not in use.
  • Current Usage Amount Field: Shows the total SMS sent by that number in the past 24 hours, updated every 15 minutes.
  • Usage Limit Field: A user-defined threshold for the number of SMS a phone number can send before entering the rotation.
  • Usage Limit Reached Checkbox: An event handler checks if the usage amount meets or exceeds the limit, indicating the need for rotation.

Users can seamlessly add new phone numbers and define usage limits with a simple interface designed for usability.

Revolutionizing User Experience with Automated Rotation

To simplify the process further, we’ve introduced a ‘uses phone number rotation system’ field within user profiles. When activated, the system automatically compares the user’s currently assigned phone number against the rotation settings. If the usage limit is met or exceeded, the system ensures a hassle-free transition to an available number with sufficient quota.

In cases where all alternate numbers have reached their limits, a prompt notifies the user of the situation, preventing any inadvertent spam flagging attempts.

This automation ensures that administrators can enable the phone number rotation system with minimal effort, and users can continue to send Vtiger Bulk SMS without concern for the operational backend.

The Impact on Your CRM Strategy

The phone number rotation system by Boru is a forward-thinking approach to adapt to modern carrier protocols while maximizing the efficiency and reliability of Vtiger Bulk SMS communications. It eliminates the need for multiple phone number monitoring by directly linking incoming messages to Vtiger records, accompanied by notifications to relevant users or teams, irrespective of the number that received the SMS.

In essence, this custom functionality brings a level of sophistication and security to CRM SMS communications, enabling businesses to convey critical information without the fear of being lost in transit due to spam filtering.

Embrace the Custom Solution with Boru

Should you have any questions about this customized functionality or are interested in integrating this robust solution into your Vtiger CRM, don’t hesitate to contact us at Boru. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your CRM system operates with utmost efficiency and accuracy, adapting seamlessly to your business’s unique requirements and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Let Boru guide you towards a future where every message counts, every customer interaction matters, and where your CRM system is not just a tool, but a trusted partner in your growth.

Interested in learning more? Let us send you an email.

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