Vtiger Tip – New Vtiger-Vonage Integration

Here at Boru, we strive to keep our customers up to date with all aspects of Vtiger. Today, we came across a Vonage announcement of a new integration with Vtiger. The integration known as VonageConnect allows businesses to link Vonage with Vtiger.

VonageConnect features include:

  • log call data
  • desktop call routing
  • one click dialing
  • automatic call logging
  • desktop address book integration with your CRM

FoFollow the link to learn more about Vonage’s latest integration with Vtiger.



  • I notice that the link is to the “enterprise” Vonage system. It turns out that the “business” Vonage system is different (I believe it was bought from Vocalocity). Does VTiger integrate with one, the other, or both? I don’t believe Vonage lists an integration specifically for VTiger. Does that mean using their API? Do you have a VTiger to Vonage (Enterprise or Business?) integration package? How much is it? Thanks.

    • Steve,

      It looks like they took down the vtiger Vonage integration. The last time I researched this, they told me the Vtiger integration is only available for Enterprise clients. Note: the Vonage API’s are very good and easy to integrate with Vtiger. Let me know what you are looking for and I will be glad to get you a quote.

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